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DP World Kochi installs GPS system on gantries to track boxes better - 2011-11-07

To enhance its operational excellence by technological advancements, DP World Kochi has introduced the Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) on its rubber tyred gantries (RTG‟s) at the International Container Transhipment Terminal.
This system enables automatic tracking of the containers each time it is handled by an RTG, making tracking of containers in the terminal operating system more effective and precise.
i-maritime News Service
November 07, 2011
Any container lifted from the container stack / truck and placed on truck / stack is updated into the system automatically. Mr K. Krishnadas, Chief Executive Officer, DP World, Kochi, said that the DGPS system will aid our effort to increase operational efficiency and provide top of the line service to our customers. The DGPS system works with the guidance of geo-positional satellites moving around the equator, which track the satellite antenna installed on the crane and a stationary reference antenna installed on a building in proximity. Both these features serve to improve operational efficiency, accuracy of location and safety, and save operators time and effort, he said.

Source: Hindu Business Line