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Maritime Newsletter

High traffic targets set for some ports - 2012-04-30

The Shipping Ministry has set the traffic target for major ports for 2012-13 at 601.1 million tonnes (mt), up from 560.1 mt handled in 2011-12, according to Ministry sources. The steepest increase in target has been set for Paradip port, 63 mt in the current fiscal over last fiscal's 54.2 mt, or an increase of 8.8 mt. This is followed by Kolkata (including Haldia) an addition of 6.9 mt, at 50.1 mt (43.2 mt) and Kandla, 6.5 mt at 89 mt ( 82.5 mt).

Interestingly, the ports of Ennore and JNPT have been given lower targets. Ennore has been set 14.5 mt (14.9 mt) and JNPT 63 mt (65.7 mt). Paradip port has been given a steep increase in target at a time when the slump in iron ore exports has hit the port badly. In 2011-12, the iron ore throughput dropped seven mt vis-à-vis 2010-11.

The slump in iron ore exports also hit several other ports, such as Mormugao, Chennai, Visakhapatnam and Haldia. The targets for other ports for 2012-13 are as follows: Mormugao 44 mt (39 mt in 2011-12), Mumbai 61 mt (56.1 mt), Cochin 23.5 mt ( 20 mt), New Mangalore 36 mt (32.9 mt), VO Chidambaram (formerly Tuticorin port) 30 mt (26.1 mt), Visakhapatnam 70 mt (67.4 mt),and Chennai 57 mt (55.7 mt).

Source : Hindu Business Line