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Chennai: A live example to demonstrate CFS success - 2012-07-09

The operationalisation of CFS in the country has been the key enabler for the rapid maritime cargo growth in the country. Chennai is a live example to demonstrate the success of CFS, where off port container facilities were created. This led to containerisation of the cargo, which played a vital role in the smooth and seamless multi-modal connectivity of the sea port with other modes.

Today, over 70 per cent of the total cargo volume at Chennai port's private container terminals is transported in containers as compared to 30 per cent a decade. Further, the consolidation of cargo through containerisation led to reduction of transit time by more than 2/3rd and cut the cost of ocean freight by almost half during the past 10 years. Container throughput at Chennai sea-port is reported to have increased by five times to reach over 1.5 milion containers in five years.

Source : Hindu Business Line