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Global Shipbuilding is estimated to be a USD 20 billion industry and is presently dominated by Korea, Japan and China, which together account for around 75 per cent of the world output... more

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Shipbuilding and Ship repair

Shipbuilding industry is driven by the fortunes of the international shipping as reflected in the prevailing behavior of the ocean freight rates. Shipping lines have been increasing the capacity. With view of increasing the shipping capacity, shipyards across the globe have full order books. East Asia is the major center of shipbuilding activity. However with the increasing demand, low cost labour and shipbuilding expertise in India has paved way for development of India shipbuilding industry.

Ship repair is a regular requirement of the shipping industry. Hence, unlike shipping or shipbuilding industries, ship-repair is not much affected by the business cycles. The Asian countries, mainly Singapore and Middle East, dominate the global shiprepair market. India has a long coast line and is also located along the major shipping trade routes of the world. Hence, provided the required infrastructure is available, India can emerge as a leading player in ship-repair.

Going forward, Indian shipyards are likely to gain in the shipbuilding and ship repair market due to Low labour cost in comparison to competitors from the developing world, vast coast line with large number of sites for large yards, rapid growth in Indian coastal and international trade, improved quality of expertise in ship design including CAD/CAM and other manufacturing facilities.

i-maritime has been forefront in bringing the opportunities in Indian shipbuilding industry. The theme paper presented in 2000 initiated thought on prospects of shipbuilding industry in India. In 2006, i-maritime launched the India Shipbuilding Industry Report. The aim of report is to assess emerging international and domestic markets in the new shipbuilding sectors, identifying the capabilities as well as inadequacies of the Indian Shipbuilding industry and exploring the focus areas for attaining global competitiveness and strategies for sustaining it.  

i-maritime has helped a number of clients from the industry to venture into shipbuilding and allied activities. With the extensive understanding of future of the shipping market and with team of technical people from ship design and shipyard design, i-maritime is the obvious choice for advisory services related to shipyard and ship repair.

Benefits with i-maritime
  • Understanding of the relationship between shipping market and shipbuilding and ship repair industry, Technological changes happening in Shipbuilding industry.
  • Vast database of shipbuilding activities at various shipyards across the globe.
  • Understanding of port business plans and role of shipbuilding in development of a port.
  • Understanding of cyclical nature of shipping industry and expertise in alternative business models to reduce the risk in the cyclical industry.

  • Ship building
  • Dry dock
  • Ship repair

Practice Area
  • Detailed Project report
  • Feasibility study
  • Due diligence
  • Joint venture
  • Disinvestment