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Traffic Study

i-maritime conducts Traffic studies for ports and other infrastructure facilities. This involves collection of primary and secondary data and understanding the present movement of goods. For example, for port traffic study an assessment of origin and destination of commodities provides deep marketing insights for a port.

There doesn’t exist any standard method for forecasting of traffic. It requires in depth analysis for creating a realistic picture. i-maritime captures various parameters affecting traffic through various management tools and practices. For example, i-maritime uses Game theory to analyze impact of port capacity and competition on port traffic.

With ports and terminals in India being privatized, a bidder or developer has to understand impact of future traffic on the profitability of port project. i-maritime with its services for Traffic study, helps developer in the bidding process.

Examples of Traffic Studies
  • Traffic forecast of container terminal
  • Bulk Traffic study forecast for a port
  • Traffic study for a CFS near Mumbai
  • Traffic study for RO-RO terminal
  • Study and Forecast of Port induced Road traffic